Debi Haden


Authenticity and you.

Be your authentic self

Be your authentic self I’m currently working on developing my development packages, but I’ve been wrestling with the word ‘authentic’ For me authenticity is key in not only what I do, but also in the way I view other people and the services I buy. Are you your authentic self?[…]

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Reaching milestones

Reaching Milestones

Reaching Milestones September last year I hit the big 50, and like so many of my friends and clients I wasn’t sure how I felt about approaching it! Two years ago I decided that instead of limping sadly into my 50th year I would greet it with a bang! However,[…]

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Create your own manifesto with Debi Haden

Creating your own life Manifesto

As coaches, like our clients, it’s important that we never stop learning and growing. For me wellness is not just about what we eat and what we do to move our bodies, it’s our whole life experience, and as such it’s important that all aspects of wellness are in balance[…]

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Taking back the control

There is clearly a lot of change going on in the UK right now and It’s been interesting to see how the prospect of change has affected many people and the spectrum of feelings it has created. There are many feelings associated with change; fear, anxiety, anger, relief, excitement, and[…]

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