Debi Haden


Having drive is critical to achieving what you want in life.  It’s the ‘fire in your belly’ feeling that high achievers and athletes use to gain success.

Once you find your drive, you can make great things happen. You will discover that barriers fall away, issues are overcome, and you begin to focus on realising the life you always wanted.

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  • Do you lack the motivation to make things happen?
  • Do you struggle to get enthused about anything?
  • Do you lack the ‘fire in your belly’?
  • Do you tend to focus on failure rather than success?
  • Do you find yourself procrastinating?
  • Do you feel you’ve lost your get up and go?
  • Do you feel indifferent towards your personal and work life?
  • Do you quickly lose interest in things?
  • Do you feel as though apathy is taking you over?
  • Do you feel stifled and unable to move forward in your life?

A strong and powerful drive is the inner-strength that motivates you to take control of your life and make you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.  Conversely a lack of drive will bring you down, create feelings of apathy and dissatisfaction.

By working together I can equip you with the tools and skills you need to find your motivation and enable you to push yourself to do more, bigger and better things.  And, as you begin to see the results of taking positive action you will become a happier and more fulfilled person.

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