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Health is important to us all yet often takes a back-step due to life getting in the way. As the Dalai Lama famously said, “Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

Our Physical and Emotional Health is often something we take for granted and it’s not until something changes that we start to re-evaluate.

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Whether you’re ready to change something in your life before it’s too late, or you’re making up for lost time, it’s time to ask yourself a few simple questions…

Emotional Health

When we break a bone we think nothing of seeking out support for our injury but when we suffer emotional issues we can often struggle to come to terms with the need for support, feeling ashamed and embarrassed that this has happened to us, and worrying that people will view us differently.

Getting the right support is crucial:

  • Do you suffer from anxiety, low mood or depression?
  • Do you spend all day wishing you could go back to bed?
  • Do you find yourself using food to help you cope with your emotions?
  • Have you suffered a trauma in the past that you find it difficult to move on from?
  • Have you one or more phobias or fears?
  • Are you constantly feeling tired and emotional?
  • Do you feel flat and there is nothing to look forward to?
  • Are your thoughts more negative than positive?

Through our work together we can identify the root of your issues and work on supporting you to create coping mechanisms and positive thought processes to lead you to better patterns of behaviour and a more fulfilled life.

Physical Health

More and more people are suffering from an illness related to their weight or eating habits, putting their health majorly at risk. Feeling and being unhealthy is often both an emotional and a physical problem. Many people find that it’s not just their body stopping them from exercising and eating healthily, but their thought processes play a huge part in it, causing them to feel really low and lacking in confidence.

Is it now time to ask yourself these questions and take action to make improvements to your life?

  • Have you been on too many diets to remember?
  • Are you out of breath easily or struggle with even the thought of exercise?
  • Do you shy away from events that include walking or physical activity?
  • Do you feel tired and sluggish all of the time?
  • Do you often think ‘I’m always going to look and feel like this?’
  • Do you stop yourself doing social things because of how you look and feel?
  • How often do you feel low because your clothes don’t fit you?

Together we will create a plan of action that allows you to take back the control of your physical health and allows you work at a pace that feels comfortable and achievable, before long you will have created positive habits to last you a lifetime!

Whether your issues are around physical or emotional health, or both as they often are, we will work together to build bridges and make plans that you can easily follow. Starting small, we can focus on getting to the very core of your issues with your Emotional and Physical health.

Breaking the destructive thought and behaviour patterns that have been holding you back will be key to our work together, instead replacing them with positive and focused actions and behaviours, and together creating a ‘You’ that you’re happy with.

It’s time to start to embrace not only who you are, but what you can achieve.

It’s time to take care of your emotional and physical well-being…

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