Debi Haden

About Debi

Welcome to my world…

Here is a potted history of my life journey so far…

About me and mine

Hi, I’m Debi, life and business mindset coach, social entrepreneur, and the founder of women’s confidence & empowerment programme Rise & Shine.

I live in North Norfolk, sandwiched between the sea and the countryside, exactly where I was meant to be for my own well-being.  I live here with my husband Clive and our two gorgeous cats Pandora and Lola.

Why I do what I do

Like many people I have faced my own life challenges, but I know that I would not be the person I am and be able to support others in the way that I do without these life experiences.

I consider it to be a real privilege to be part of the development journey and I love to watch my clients change and grow in confidence as they journey towards achieving their goals and dreams!

Clients come to me for all sorts of underlying reasons but ultimately what everyone has in common is the desire to improve an aspect of their life and be happy. My role is to work with them to achieve a positive solution and move forward towards the life they desire.

I believe with a positive mindset you can achieve everything and anything you want, and I work with my clients to achieve their wants, hopes, goals, dreams and desires!

By combining traditional face-to-face or telephone consultations with the latest Internet technology such as video calls using Skype or FaceTime I can provide the very best and most convenient coaching and development support to my clients, which allows me to work with people all over the world, which I still find so amazing!

Since 2004 I have been a Life & Business Mindset coach and NLP Master Practitioner and during this time I’ve supported hundreds of people through changes in both their personal and professional lives.

As well as my coaching and NLP experience I hold qualifications and have experience in stress management and careers coaching. More recently I have added mindfulness to my toolbox.

I received my training from some of the most inspirational and influential people in the coaching and NLP world including Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, and Michael Neal, and continue to invest in my own self development.

In terms of my business credentials I’ve had over 30 years’ experience of managing and developing teams and businesses.


Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with amazing people on some great projects. These have included working on a channel 4 programme, I even got to perform on stage with the Birmingham Royal Ballet! The variety is just astonishing, and I’ve loved every single one of these projects!


One of my greatest passions is my work with the British Red Cross (BRC) on behalf of the British Foreign Office. I’ve been a member of the BRC Psycho Social Support Team since 2005 and have been called on to respond to situations abroad where British Nationals have been affected. Anything from a natural disaster to a terrorist attack can trigger the call for assistance. I was flown into Haiti following the devastating earthquake there in 2010 when over 230,000 people were killed. I also have treasured memories of my work in Zimbabwe over a 16 month period, supporting a resettlement programme for elderly people who had been forced out of their homesteads. More recently I have worked on site with survivors and the families of the Grenfell Tower fire.

I have twice been presented with the British Red Cross Henry Durrant award for above and beyond humanitarian contribution, something I am extremely honoured to have received.

I have also carried out Training and Development work with the Alzheimer’s Society. This is hugely satisfying as it has provided me with insight into the care I provide to my own mother who lives with dementia.

My life and business experiences have shaped me as a person and remind me of just how lucky I am to do the things I do and to enjoy the support I have in my own life.

Throughout my life I have constantly pushed myself to do things that have taken me well outside of my comfort zone and definitely felt the fear on many occasions!  But with each great experience I have learnt a lot about my own resilience and character, and it has given me the confidence and belief that I can do more!

Through my own experiences I hope to motivate and inspire others to overcome their own challenges, help them to put their brave pants on and create the life they want to have!

I believe life is one great journey and we all go through it in our own way. My role as your coach is to assist you on yours, helping you to gain clarity in any aspect of your life and work towards making positive change whether it be a goal you want to achieve, a new positive habit you want to create or a life-change you want to make.

I look forward to starting the next part of your journey with you and can’t wait to see where it takes you!