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Be your authentic self

Authenticity and you.

Be your authentic self

I’m currently working on developing my development packages, but I’ve been wrestling with the word ‘authentic’ For me authenticity is key in not only what I do, but also in the way I view other people and the services I buy. Are you your authentic self?

The people I most admire are those who are true and honest about who they are, the struggles they’ve had, and where they are right now. Some of the most positive and inspiring people in the world are those who have overcome adversity and share their struggles with others in order to motivate and inspire. These are the people who make me want to be the best of me I can be, and makes me passionate about helping others to overcome their own obstacles. Truly authentic people have fire in their bellies, they have true passion!

It’s sad that we live in a world where people can’t be honest, instead presenting a ‘public’ face to ‘sell’ a product, and yet really living a very different life, whether it be in their words, through their actions or in some cases pictures! How many famous people do we know that hide behind pictures in the media taken a number of years ago rather than let people see who they truly are now, do people really think we are that naive?

How many self proclaimed ‘guru’s, or ‘experts’ present the living of one life and yet live another… The truth will out in the end as the saying goes…

It’s just not authentic and I actually think it’s dishonest and does a disservice to vulnerable people who are desperate for an answer to their problem or issue. If you are in the market to help others, and by that I mean truly help others, then be authentic, show your vulnerability, show yourself, be yourself! Tell it how it really is, not what you want others to hear to sell your product…

Nothing disappoints me more that someone promoting something as ‘the answer’ when you know in fact they don’t even like the product…hmm!

For every person out there who struggles on a day to day basis to be healthy and shed weight, be respectful, be honest! It’s not easy, you take a number of steps backwards, there are highs and lows, and at times you find yourself taking on old habits again. Yes there are many rewards and advantages, but when you are truly in the grip of that gremlin it feels like the worst place to be in the world…

For years I hid the fact that I was an emotional eater or that I have suffered bouts of depression over the years, but for what purpose? So I wouldn’t be judged by others..but you know what, to those who care it doesn’t matter, and to those who need help, to know you have come through the other side your journey can help them even more… I’ve travelled a massively long road to get to where I am, and I’m still travelling, we all are…

So…authenticity and me?

It’s about standing up and saying ‘ this is me, warts and all. I don’t live the perfect life, don’t always eat and drink the right things, am not always in a good mood’ but I’ve overcome so many obstacles in my own life, and I’m still here, fighting, focused and positive mostly, and being my true authentic self…and more than anything I want to help you do the same!

Take a moment today to think about ‘who’ you present to others, is it truly you?  Are you being your authentic self?