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Creating your own life Manifesto

Create your own manifesto with Debi Haden

As coaches, like our clients, it’s important that we never stop learning and growing. For me wellness is not just about what we eat and what we do to move our bodies, it’s our whole life experience, and as such it’s important that all aspects of wellness are in balance for a rounded and fulfilled life.

On a regular basis I spend time with my own coach, yes even coaches have a coach, to help me to review where I am in my life and what I’m working towards, it’s an action I recommend doing on a regular basis.

I’ve given myself a week off to catch up on life chores and take some time out to revisit my goals, my dreams, my bucket list, and also where I am with my wellness in general.  Clive, my hubby, and I are on the wellness journey together and I am thankful to have someone with me to support me on my journey, I acknowledge that not everyone is that fortunate, but remember we can look for support in many different ways.

Debi Haden can help you and your manifesto
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A while back we created our ‘Wellness Manifesto’ to act as a reminder of how we wanted to live our lives, and to take us to the next level of wellness that we wanted to achieve. It is so easy when life presents challenges for our wellness to go to the bottom of the list, and I guess for Clive and I that is what happened nearly a year to the day when my father became terminally ill. We managed his end of life care at home and had my mom, who has Vascular Dementia, to live with us and we became her carers.

Even for those of us who know all the benefits of wellness there are times when we go into survival mode and everything else takes a back seat, and sometimes that is ok, because it is what we need at that moment, just to get us through each day.

A year on life has settled into a much needed routine and we are adapting to the changes in our lives. Clive went back to his physical fitness a few months ago and has gone from running and walking for one minute alternatively to now running 10k non stop, and has shed over 2 stones, I’m super proud of him!

For me I’ve focused on my emotional and spiritual wellness as I come to terms with losing my father and learn to cope with a different relationship with my mother, as her Dementia moves forward. I’ve 50 next month and we had a whole spectrum of exciting things planned for this year, but we’ve had to adjust our plans to fit our current situation. Life doesn’t always go as planned and I believe that I’m being taken on a different path for a reason, which although may not be apparent right now, will become clear in the future. Much of my personal growth has happened through changes in my life direction.

We don’t do all of the things on our manifesto all of the time, but as it sits on our fridge it is something we see every day, and something that goes into our conscious and subconscious mind each and every day, and helps us to strive towards making these things become a daily habit.

Take a moment to think about what your Manifesto would look like, and if you feel inspired or creative, create your own!