Debi Haden


Grenfell – Forever in our hearts

Today will be a quietly reflective day for me, as it will be for so many others. Today is the 1-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire and a year since I supported victims and survivors of that terrible event. Many of you will not know that for the last[…]

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Are you Beach Confident Ready?

I’ve just returned from Greece, taking some quality ‘me’ time to recharge my batteries, it had been a while. As I sat round the pool on our first full day a thought came to mind about just how ridiculous the slogan ‘are you beach ready’ is, especially when it’s attached[…]

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Letting go…

A lot of our energy can be taken up by holding onto negative thoughts about past events or where we find ourselves currently. The feelings we are holding may be anger, sadness, regret, guilt, pain etc. If you have made the choice that you want to let go of this[…]

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Dementia with Debi

Living life with Dementia

No one can ever know what it feels like to watch the person you love, the one that bounced you on their knee, and wiped away your tears, slip away from you bit by bit, unless they’ve walked this road..the truth of Dementia is that every time a bit of[…]

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Your Autumn Tune Up

If you own a car, bike or boat you will be well aware of the need for regular servicing, maintenance and a routine tune up, an Autumn tune up, if you will! Engineers have an adage. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This may hold good for a while[…]

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Time to relax

Time to Relax…

Those hazy, lazy days of summer, weather permitting, are ideal times for finding time to relax, either on an annual holiday or at weekends. And yet, for all too many of us, we are so used to absorbing information, working against the clock, commuting or just dealing with life that[…]

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Create your Summer Retreat

For centuries the practice of taking time out to do something different has been recognised as a sure-fire way of recharging your batteries, igniting your enthusiasm and solving problems. Indians, I’m led to believe, do it more than any other nation. People with religious beliefs do it once a year,[…]

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Purple flowers in a lovely field for spring

The Promise Of Spring

Spring into Spring As the mornings and evenings grow lighter and the last of the winter frosts have disappeared, there is a great feeling of new beginnings. The trees are in blossom and the others have green buds. The grass is starting to grow faster than even the most avid[…]

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unexpected life

Do the unexpected!

Although my weight has always been an issue for me, I’ve at times pushed beyond it and done the unexpected things that have put me out of my comfort zone. We can let our view of ourselves stop us experiencing great things, instead putting our life on hold ‘until’ we[…]

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Reaching milestones

Reaching Milestones

Reaching Milestones September last year I hit the big 50, and like so many of my friends and clients I wasn’t sure how I felt about approaching it! Two years ago I decided that instead of limping sadly into my 50th year I would greet it with a bang! However,[…]

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