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Are you Beach Confident Ready?

I’ve just returned from Greece, taking some quality ‘me’ time to recharge my batteries, it had been a while. As I sat round the pool on our first full day a thought came to mind about just how ridiculous the slogan ‘are you beach ready’ is, especially when it’s attached to a group of bronzed beauties who’ve been quite clearly air brushed to within an inch of their lives. No wonder when we even think about taking a summer holiday many of us lack confidence in how we look and feel, leading many of us to follow ridiculous crash diets that promise you a beach body in 6 weeks!.

The reality is as I looked round the pool that there was no ‘one size fits all’, there were people of all ages, shapes and sizes, with lumps and bumps just like me, all there for the same purpose to relax and enjoy their holiday.

After coaching for over 16 years I also know that actually we don’t always see ourselves as others see us, we don’t see ourselves with our eyes, but through our ‘mind’s eye’, our own thoughts projected through our eyes. Sometimes those considered the most physically beautiful in society can have many hang ups about their bodies.  Through low self-esteem and confidence issues they can believe themselves as ugly or not good enough, likewise I’m met some amazing people who are larger in life and yet ooze confidence and give off the most amazing aura that everyone wants to be around.

I’m not going to lie, when I arrived at the pool for the first time and began to strip off down to my swimwear I did initially go to that place in my head where I doubt myself and ask, ‘Will others judge me?’, but after a swift talking to I climbed on to my sunbed, book in hand and relaxed into my day, feeling gratitude for having such a wonderful opportunity to be in such a beautiful place.

We may not have the bodies we desire but can waste so much energy into putting ourselves down, now doing things because of how we look and feel about ourselves, worried about what others will think.  Do you really want to waste your precious energy on such negativity, would you not be better served by putting your energy into making the most of who you are right now?  Buy the gorgeous swim wear for who you are now, and if like me you feel you are worth it, get your nails painted, buy the matching beach bag, towel and everything else you believe you deserve.  Don’t wait ‘until’…it may never come, so live life NOW!

So, when you next see the slogan, ‘are you beach ready’, consider this instead..

Have you;

Packed your factor 30 sun care and got a great hat to wear?

Purchased some great comfortable swim wear?

Packed your flip flops?

Got some great books to read or downloaded on your kindle?

And most importantly…

Got your mindset ready to focus on having a fabulous holiday!


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