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The Promise Of Spring

Purple flowers in a lovely field for spring

Spring into Spring

As the mornings and evenings grow lighter and the last of the winter frosts have disappeared, there is a great feeling of new beginnings. The trees are in blossom and the others have green buds. The grass is starting to grow faster than even the most avid gardener can mow it.

Spring is a great time of year to look back at those New Year resolutions, to review progress and to take any corrective action needed.

The chances are that you made those January resolutions in the midst of a cold, grey and wet winter. That probably made your emotions and optimism pretty cold, grey and wet too, or, if like me you don’t make January resolutions but instead tend to find your enthusiasm and motivation in Springtime when the natural world is bursting with the promise of a glorious spring and the warmth of summer, this is an ideal time to decide that you too will start over, or address those things that you feel need working on in your own life.

Unless humans interfere with nature, it has its own graceful balance. The old and used makes way for the new and vibrant. Anyone can do the same with their own thoughts and attitudes. Perhaps those fondly held beliefs that served you well in the past are due for an overhaul. Perhaps it is time to restore your own natural balance.

Balance means harmony rather than discord and I suggest that this should include a brief but thorough examination of all the areas of your life – relationships, career, health, finances, leisure and talents.

One of my clients, a man who was a success by most material measures, realised that despite his large house, ample income and luxury car, he wasn’t satisfied with his life. He had put so much energy into building his business that he had no time left for all those other aspects of his life. As our coaching sessions progressed he began to work on restoring the balance. Within a few months he had found aspects of happiness, without putting any of his material gains at risk, although truth be told he came to the realisation that other aspects of his life were much more important than his material possessions.”

Don’t ignore the promise of Spring, take some of that promise for yourself, you deserve nothing less.

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