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Letting go…

A lot of our energy can be taken up by holding onto negative thoughts about past events or where we find ourselves currently. The feelings we are holding may be anger, sadness, regret, guilt, pain etc.
If you have made the choice that you want to let go of this negativity then there are some positive ways of doing this.
I’ve used this method myself, and it is something I support my clients with on a regular basis towards letting go.

Take some quiet time out where you won’t be disturbed and get out your notepad or a sheet of paper.
Now is your opportunity to offload! You are going to write a letter to either a person/people or to yourself. Your own experiences will help you define where you need to direct your energy in this exercise.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and have many things currently taking away your energy it may help you to seek out the support of a coach to enable you to identify where best to direct your energy for this exercise.
If you feel you can find your focus for this exercise then persevere as I know the positive impact it can have.

  1. If you are writing the letter to another person/people then this is a chance for you write whatever you want, get everything off your chest. You won’t be sending this letter so take this opportunity to find your closure on a past experience, relationship etc. it may be your opportunity to say goodbye to someone…
  2. For you, it might be that the letter that needs to be written is to yourself. You might need to write a general letter expressing how you are feeling and that it is time to let those past feeling go, acknowledging that we need to forgive ourselves can be helpful.

The important thing about this exercise is that you are taking all of those negative thoughts and feelings from out of your mind and releasing them onto paper.

Once you have written your letter and feel satisfied that you have put everything out of your head onto the paper then it’s time to let go.

There are a variety of methods for then letting go, you can burn the letter, shred it or feel the satisfaction of physically ripping it up into small pieces. The choice is yours…
As you let go you can say something like this, ‘I release you, you have served me well but I’m now ready to let go and move forward positively.’

You may feel emotional, you may have tears, and that’s just fine; tears are good, it’s all part of the healing process, everyone is different and everyone will react differently.

Should you wish support with this exercise and letting go generally of those things holding you back then contact me.

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