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Defining your energy focus

We only have a finite amount of energy, therefore holding onto negativity or focusing on things we can’t change or influence can take a lot of our energy and stop us focusing on our wellbeing and the things that really matter to us.

How often do you feel exhausted by your thoughts and feelings?

In order to begin to create your personal development plan for 2018 it’s important to start by taking a look at where your energy is directed.

The first question to ask yourself is;

Am I directing my energy on the things that deserve my focus?
and secondly

Do I need to let go of those things that are holding me back?

It’s really important to understand your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours and this first exercise will help you determine where your current focus lies.

Get yourself a nice book or folder to begin recording all of your developments.

  1. Draw a circle on an A4 sheet of paper or in your book (this represents 100% energy). Now divide it into sections to represent how you are currently using your energy e.g.; 10% my wellbeing, 50% work, 30% family…etc.

Once you have drawn up your current chart, draw a second circle and create your circle of choice, highlighting how you want your energy to be distributed in the future.

This is your ideal so don’t restrict yourself with the ‘how do I get there’ at the moment!

  1. Once you have both circles, compare the two and list those areas where the energy feels unbalanced.

This will give you an idea of where your life is out of balance and where you want to make some changes to create the life you have highlighted in your second circle.

So, how do you want YOUR life to be in 2018 and are you ready to make time and space for your own wellbeing? Is it time to focus your energy?

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