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Getting Back to a Balanced Life


● A detailed self-care questionnaire which will help to identify where to focus your time and energy
● A 90-minute coaching session (Accessed via phone, Skype, FaceTime or face to face) where we will discuss the outcomes of your questionnaire, identify what you want to achieve for 2020 and how you can actually make that happen
● The creation of a Self-care plan for 2020
● 60 minute follow up session



Do you constantly feel tired and overwhelmed, never having the energy for the things that really matter?

Do you find yourself focusing on things from the past or worrying about the future?

Are you achieving what you want in your life, career or in your business?

After a couple of challenging years with my own wellbeing I know just how important it is to get your self-care right. When we face difficulties in our lives or find ourselves under pressure at work or at home it’s easy to let our self-care go, I know, I’ve done it myself.  I also know the consequences of constantly putting yourself at the bottom of the pile, giving others your emotional and physical energy, trust me this story does not end well!

If we don’t look after ourselves it permeates into all aspects of our lives. We don’t have the energy to do things we enjoy, we can lose our focus and direction which in turn affects our overall happiness and wellbeing.

Many people feel challenged by putting themselves first. My  clients regularly tell me they feel selfish and guilty if they are not meeting the needs of others before their own.  However, you can do both…it just needs a change of mindset and a shift in where you are putting your energy.

Often we find ourselves putting our energy into things that are not important, that can’t be changed, or don’t serve us well.  Imagine how much more energy you’d have for everyday enjoyable activities if you redirected your energy away from these negative areas!

I learnt the hard way that few of the issues we stress over are life or death, so we need to stop behaving as though they are!

There are three powerful questions I ask my clients…

Where is your energy right now, is it focussed on something you can change or influence?
Are the thoughts you’re having right now serving you positively?
How would you like your life to look and feel?

Take a moment to think about your answers… are they helping you to achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions?

So, how do you want YOUR life to be in 2020 and are you ready to make time and space for your own wellbeing?

If you are ready to commit why not take advantage of this great New Year offer and  take the first step to making 2020 the year you get your life into balance!