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Shine – 12 Session Coaching Package


This focused and supportive package takes you through the entire coaching process so that all aspects of your life, work and relationships are truly transformed. This package is for those people who are really serious and committed in creating real positive change in their lives and therefore is the most popular.

● A thought provoking pre-coaching questionnaire to identify your starting point and what you want to achieve.
● Life map exercise to define where you are in all aspects of your life and measure your progress along the way.
● 90-minute initial breakthrough session to kick start your development journey
● A total of 12 hours (includes the breakthrough session) of individually tailored face-to-face, telephone or online coaching (Skype, FaceTime etc.)
● Self-care assessment to help you get into the best possible place to achieve your maximum potential
● A post-session email or voice recording listing key points, actions and development suggestions
● Access to a library range of self-development tools and learning materials
● “Check-in” email support throughout the package period
● Direct access to me via email or other online messaging service. Messages will always be responded to within 24hrs
● A 90 minute reflect and review session as the final session.



The Shine package is recommended for anyone who wants  to commit to significantly changing their mindset and make important changes to their life.   It will also provide you with the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the issues that have acted as a constraint or undermined you from realising your full potential and identify how you can overcome these barriers.

Before the first session begins I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and life map exercise. This will give us both a clear idea of your starting point and a context within which we can identify how we can best address and solve your issues.

During our sessions we have an open, honest and often positively challenging conversation that will focus on the key topics. This all take place in a safe and confidential space that allows you to reflect, evaluate, respond and finally plan the next best steps.

At our first session we will explore your issues in detail and identify and prioritise those issues you want to work on most and focus on solving. My role is neither judgmental nor directive, rather it is to provide you with the insight, clarity and powerful tools to help you address the issues and enable you to move forward in your life.

At the end of each session you will have clarity and a clear understanding of your next steps and we will have agreed some clear and achievable goals for you to work on before our next meeting. Additionally, all the key outcomes of your session will be sent to you either in writing or as an audio recording so that you have a permanent record of the progress made.

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