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Painting your positive picture

We can send mixed messages out into the world about who we are and what we want, and this can mean we don’t get to create the life we really want for ourselves.
For clients who struggle with this aspect I get them to spend some time creating their ‘life map’, you may also hear it called treasure mapping or vision boarding.
Painting your positive picture can be a great way of focusing on what it is you really want and is the time to look back at your list you created about where you want to direct your energy.
What we look for is what we create for ourselves, so now is the time to send out the right messages to the universe and create the life you truly want for yourself…

Take a large piece of card, use a scrapbook, notice board, or even use a page or two from your new development book.

Start by finding a picture of yourself that you like and stick this picture in the middle of your page.
Around your image start to build up your picture, who you are, what you like, what you want. You can write words, cut out pictures from magazines, this is your life map so be creative, do whatever you want!
For mine I put words that connect with my life; positive wellbeing, health, love, friendships etc., I then have pictures of things that I connect with like the sea, candlelight etc. I then have pictures of things I’d like to experience, like a picture of the northern lights, the Taj Mahal.
You could even separate the activity into two;
One called ‘this is me’, again with the picture and add words and pictures to represent who you are. This can be a useful exercise for people who have lost a sense of who they are…

Painting your positive picture.

For the second board, ‘your vision board’, again put your picture and then surround yourself with words and pictures of the life you want to create for yourself.

Take time to do this activity and add new things over time. It’s interesting as you do this activity as you can see your priorities change.

You can either keep your boards private if you do make sure you look at them often or put them up so you can see them every day!

This is a really positive exercise and worth taking the time out to do!

If you would like some help with creating your vision for 2018 then contact me to find out how we could work together to make your dreams a reality.