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Motivation to Find Wellness


Often, one of the main reasons my clients give me as to why they don’t yet have what they want in their lives is that they procrastinate – They don’t feel the motivation to do what they think they should do in order to achieve their goals or dreams.

In my experience as a life coach procrastination isn’t so much a character flaw it’s merely putting your energy into things that don’t really matter to you or which you don’t feel passionate about.

When it comes to exercise and being healthy I’ve lost count of the number of clients who tell me that they should be going to the gym 5 times a week, going out running at 6am in the morning or giving up chocolate for good.  When I ask them how often they are actually doing these things currently it soon becomes clear that although they started with all good intentions they gave up or only do it occasionally when the feelings of guilt and failure gets the better of them.

I know this feeling well, I spent many years in exactly this pattern, joining gyms I never went to, punishing myself with guilt when I couldn’t find the time to exercise five times a week or couldn’t follow yet another fad diet for more than a week.

I’d struggled for most of my adult life with my weight and eating, starving myself, losing weight and then putting it back on and more, all because I didn’t really understand that what I wasn’t tackling was the ‘WHY’ I needed to eat.

Through using coaching, NLP and Mindfulness I’ve learnt that food is just food; not good, bad, a treat, or naughty, merely fuel for my body and to be enjoyed, when was the last time you enjoyed eating without guilt?.

What I’ve learnt is that by changing my thinking I no longer crave those food I’d deemed off limits, if I want it I have it, and I enjoy it without guilt.  And guess what..when everything is available you begin to make much better choices.

Living a healthier life doesn’t have to feel like a regime, rather than something to endure, it can become a way of life….but only if you find out what it is that really motivates you. For me I have rediscovered how much I enjoy walking in the countryside, doing pilates, and gardening, and guess what, that’s exactly what my fitness programme is.

In my coaching work with clients I help them identify what truly motivates them in their lives and get them going on the things that really matter to them, before too long they are achieving things they never thought possible.

Are you working on things that really motivate you?

When setting and reviewing your goals in the future always ask yourself honestly these two questions

‘On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low)

How committed am I to doing this activity?

How motivated am I to doing this activity?

If you are not honestly giving yourself 8 or 9 then I suggest you re visit the activity to look at what it is you really do want to achieve.

We sometimes set goals around things that we feel we ‘should’ be achieving instead of goals we ‘want’ to achieve. Review your own language and ask yourself if your goals are things you want to achieve or things you feel you should be achieving?

So, if you want to discover what motivates you in any aspect of your life contact me