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Finding your Purpose


Finding your purpose is a very important lesson: I recently visited the beautiful Blickling Hall in Norfolk to see an exhibition of the life of one of the previous owners of the estate, the exhibition was called ‘Why are you here’ and it felt a very poignant question to ask?

Why are you here? what is your purpose?, your passion?, also as I like to ask my clients, what do you do that makes your heart sing?

We can be so busy just getting on with life that we don’t often take time out to ask ourselves these questions and evaluate if we are doing those things that make us feel that we are fulfilling our purpose, following our passions or doing things that make our hearts sing.  You might feel that having children and steering them through life is your purpose, being in a specific career, undertaking a hobby or voluntary work fulfils your passions and makes your heart sing, but have you asked yourself these questions? And what do you do if you don’t like the answers you get?

My purpose I believe is to support and empower people, my passion is my work with the British Red Cross, you can see an example of my work here.

Watching someone who lacks confidence and has self-esteem flourish and creates the life they want for themselves definitely makes my heart sing!

There may be many things that we do to feel fulfilled or satisfied in our lives, but what if we are not, how does it feel, what can we do to make these changes?

So many people come to me to help them find their answers, it might be something new they undertake, a new job, relationship, or hobby, or it might just be that they are already living their life of purpose and need to discover that!

Need help finding your purpose, passions and make your heart sing?

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