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Find gratitude for all that you have to find happiness

I can’t help but feel a huge swell of gratitude and happiness for what I have around me. I’m watching the swallows circling and gliding on this remarkably mild evening air from the tranquillity of my garden.  My life hasn’t suddenly changed, my mum still has dementia, and I haven’t won the lottery! What I do have however is a real mindful connection, right here in the moment, good and bad; feeling, hearing, seeing…truly here in the present!
I can sit here and sense the start of Autumn, a season I love. I can hear the song of the birds, my mums laughter from her room, the clatter of pans from the kitchen where my husband is cooking dinner. I can feel the night air on my skin and I can see the cotton wool clouds in the sky, whilst the swallows silhouettes appear amongst them from time to time. I can smell the wonderful scent of the newly cut lawn, and the jasmine which comes into its own in the evenings.
Not one of these things in my day is remarkable, but that’s what makes them extra special, because, if you can truly appreciate and feel gratitude for the small things in life, how much happier and content will you feel, and when those goals and dreams you desire come knocking,  you will truly be ready to receive them.
In the busy world we live in it is so easy to become disconnected from our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Often we will feel our mood change but we dont know why. I encourage my clients to start with this simple exercise to help start to re-connect with  themselves.

Take time each day to stand still, be in the moment and ask yourself…

How am I feeling?
What am I thinking?
What sensations are going in my body?
How would I describe my mood?
It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness”
Would you like to live more in the moment and find your happy?
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