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Planning your energy

Over my last few blogs, we have explored how you are currently using your energy, and how you want to use it. We have looked at letting go of things that were holding you back and started to get you thinking about how you may want to re direct your energy. Hopefully, by now you have begun to create your version of your vision board and are enjoying this creative experience, I know I am enjoying re-visiting mine!

So, where to next when planning your energy?
You may have come across the saying, ‘fail to plan and you will plan to fail’ and in essence its true. Yes we can do our vision boarding and focus on the positives and I would encourage that whole heartily, however, we also need to create our focus to make our new plan work.
To begin with, we need to look at how we actually go about creating our focus/our goals..’a goal is just a dream with a focus and a deadline’, so nothing to be scared of, creating your goals is simple!

I’m going to share with you the first step in understanding and creating your goals for absolute success, so here goes!

Positive Steps to Goal Achievement

Be passionate about your goal. It must be personal to you, live it breathe it, Taste it feel it.

Always state your goal in the present tense and in the positive. I am going to the gym three times a week tells your subconscious mind to start working today!

Write down your goals. Keep a goal journal and write down for each goal the reasons why you want to achieve that goal and how the achievement of this goal will feel. Review your progress along the way and record how far you’ve come.

  • Use visualisation, use it every day, take the time to relax and focus on what you want to achieve. Visualise yourself, as you want to be, doing the activity you want to be doing, having completed something you haven’t had the courageous to do. Make the vision bright and full of colour, add in sounds and smells, engage all your senses. If your goal is for a new car then be specific: what type of car is it? What colour? Smell the leather seats etc.

Create a treasure map. This is a visual representation of what you want to achieve. If you want to move house cut pictures out of magazines of the house you want to live in. create an image of what you want and keep it in full view to remind you!

Enlist the support of others. Share your goals with others if it helps, friends, family or your coach, someone who can help you achieve.

Create your own affirmation (a statement which is used to re-train your subconscious). Create a statement that reflects who you want to be. Make the statement: positive, emotion provoking, in the present tense, and personal. I am…

Act as if you are already who you want to become or have achieved what you want to have achieved. Behave confidentially in front of others, buy an outfit that makes you feel really good, don’t live your life saying if only I…., live your life as though you already have!!

Truly believe in yourself and it will happen. You have to believe you are successful before success becomes yours! If you seriously don’t believe then you will sabotage your own efforts.

When you THINK as a confident person, ACT as a confident person and BELIEVE that you are a confident person then as sure as apples are apples you will be a confident person

Reward yourself along the way – treat yourself to what you really really want, whether that be time for yourself, a new outfit, just something that makes you feel good about your achievement. Celebrate your success, you deserve it!


Always ask yourself honestly two questions when setting and reviewing each of your goals as we move forward over the next few days;

‘On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low)

  • How committed am I to achieving this goal?
  • How motivated am I to achieve this goal?

If you are not honestly giving yourself 8 or 9 then I suggest you revisit the goal to look at what it is you really do want to achieve.

We sometimes set goals around things that we feel we ‘should’ be achieving instead of goals we ‘want’ to achieve. Review your own language and ask yourself if your goals are things you want to achieve or things you feel you should be achieving?

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