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The Spark Program

Overcome that one thing holding you back

Overcome those things holding you back – with the Spark Program​

Would you like a different way of life – but you have no idea what this looks like?

The Spark program is designed to give you that essential first burst of energy. Like the sunlight in the early morning on a relaxing weekend day, this course of action breathes new life and vitality into your life, helping you break out of old routines and start looking towards a new horizon of self-expression and awareness.”

– Debi Haden –

No one wants to get stuck in a routine that drains their energy. It just happens over time. Slowly we give up our personal power putting others first and leaving little for ourselves.

The Spark Program helps you take those first few tentative steps towards change, when you know you want things to be different – but you don’t know how…

Even though we know certain behaviours are not good for us, and we no longer want them, we sometimes find them comfortable, it’s all we know.

Over-eating, avoiding social situations, feeling low, struggling with fears, anxieties and depression are often masking struggles that hide deeper issues. It can be exhausting going through life with these heavy burdens.

You may be fearful of who you will become once you no longer have these things dragging you down.

Or you many have tried to overcome them with no success.

The good news is that you can take positive action to change these feelings.

This is where I can help you. 

 Working with me will help you to break free of old habits and finally achieve a routine of life that brings you contentment, peace and self-assurance.

Taking your initial spark, I support you in overcoming those barriers holding you back and taking your energy, all at a pace that feels right for you, one step at a time.

I will help you to change.  I will be there for the moments when you think you can’t, and even the days when you dip back into unwanted behaviours. Together we will refocus your energy so that you can begin to concentrate on the positives in life.

Much can go right at this time and I’ll be there to act as your guiding light, sometimes we just need to take that first step and stand up into our own power before we can even know where we are going.

I will help you remain calm throughout these initial weeks, giving you that vital sense of perspective and balance.

With my energy and understanding you can soon spark your inner glow and start on your journey to shine…

The Spark Plan – How It Works

  • Develop real clarity start to explore your behaviours. Are you really enjoying those old habits? Gain the strength to be honest about your feelings.
  • Facing up to your truth – where are you in life right now? Getting real and taking stock of what’s holding you back – alongside what’s right.
  • Time to let go realise that your past does not have to equal your future, unless you want to stay stuck there, you have a choice.
  • Find acceptance become comfortable with your own life story – dial down the personal judgement and get ready to embrace real self-loving.
  • What do you want to change now we understand the blockers that are stopping you from growing, we can identify your areas for change.
  • Get the tools I’ll help you, using effective tried and tested techniques, to re-direct your energy, let go of old patterns and find your authentic self.
  • Nurture the light learn to trust yourself going forward. Tune into your feelings, find your own footsteps, and start to see your path to happines

Helping You Move Forward

Find out more about rediscovering your spark today. Call me for a free consultation so you can find out if I am the right coach for you – let’s get to know one another and see if we can do great things together.

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