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The Shine Program

Create Your Long-Term Plan..Go Beyond & Shine!

Create Your Long-Term Plan – with the Shine Program

You have taken the first steps. You know you can make change. Life is starting to come together. Now, how far can you go?

“Develop your attitude to play it big. Build on all your previous successes and now harness that energy and confidence to brighten your mind-set and become powerful and focussed. Light up all those around you, glowing with the self-respect and love that you so richly deserve in every area of your life.”

– Debi Haden –

When you have started to move away from negativity in life it feels amazing. But after breaking through limiting behaviours and gaining confidence, what’s next?

Once you have overcome toxic patterns, and discovered self-confidence, where do you want to go next?

The Shine Program helps you build a path towards your life goals and dreams. Now you have found the tools for change, what do you want from your future?

Whether it’s practical differences like spending real quality free time doing those things that make your heart sing or developing your career or business, or achieving lifelong goals, this is all about achieving the lifestyle you have always wanted.

You have climbed out of your comfort rut – now it’s time to shine…

I can give you help and perspective in discovering your long-term goals. When you have confidence in life you can begin to understand your passions. Together, we look at how you can build a life that features all those important areas – self-worth, purpose, family, self-care, money. That balance is within your grasp, and you deserve it.

We explore the amazing future possibilities that rest upon your horizon. It’s those big changes you have always wanted, which are sometimes just the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.

The Shine Plan – How It Works

  • The Plan for Progress getting a blueprint for positive change in your life. What are the steps you need for true empowerment and self-belief?
  • Setting Realistic Goals how to reboot the most important goals within your life. Setting the milestones on your personal journey.
  • Measuring your progress Develop the skills and strategies to keep a balanced perspective and retain a positive focus
  • Positive Rewards for Achievement giving yourself a prize, celebrating your success and reinforcing the results of all your hard work.
  • Learn focus cope with the inevitable bumps that happen on your journey and discover how to take the knocks in your stride.

Helping You Move Forward

Find out more about developing your shine today. Call me for a free consultation so you can find out if I’m the right coach for you – let’s get to know one another and see if we can do great things together.

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