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Rise & Shine – 12Hr Coaching Package


The aim of this package is to unhook you from everything that’s holding you back and help you decide exactly what you want for your future and how you’re going to get it.

We will identify where your life currently is and where you want it to go.  We’ll map out a plan of action for you to take away and implement.

What you get;

A thought-provoking Rise & Shine pre-coaching questionnaire to identify your starting pointand what you want to achieve.
● Life map exercise to define where you are in all aspects of your life and measure your progress along the way.
● 90-minute initial breakthrough session to kick start your development journey
● A total of 12 hours (including the breakthrough session) of individually tailored face-to-face, telephone or online coaching (Skype, FaceTime etc.)
● A Self-care assessment to help you get into the best possible place to achieve your maximum potential
● A post-session email or voice recording listing key points,actions and development suggestions
● Access to a library range of Rise & Shine self-development tools and learning materials
● “Check-in” email support throughout the package period
● Direct access to me via email or other online messaging service – with a promised 24hrs response time
● A reflect and review exercise as part of the final session
● Access to the Rise & Shine private Facebook group.


Rise & Shine is my exciting new coaching programme tailored specifically for women.  By selecting this option you will receive 12 hours of my time to help you focus on the module of your choice; either Spark!, Ignite! or Shine!

Before we start this exciting journey together I’ll send you a Rise & Shine questionnaire and life-mapping exercise.  Completing this will help us zone into the best starting point – giving us a solid understanding and clear context of the issues you need to address and resolve.

The duration of each of our session can vary.  It’s whatever works best for you – but most clients feel comfortable with one hour.  During this time we have an open conversation which is designed to challenge and overcome the causes of your issues.  

Each of our sessions will build on the one preceding it.  This will ensure that you are always moving forward and progressing towards your life goal.  Throughout this process we will be jointly agreeing your next priorities. My role will be to help you gain the insights and clarity you need and also provide you with powerful mind-set tools that will unlock your capacity to make important and positive changes to your life.

Whichever programme you are choosing; Spark!, Ignite! or Shine! these 12 hours will help to change your mind and transform your life forever!

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