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Create your Summer Retreat

For centuries the practice of taking time out to do something different has been recognised as a sure-fire way of recharging your batteries, igniting your enthusiasm and solving problems. Indians, I’m led to believe, do it more than any other nation. People with religious beliefs do it once a year,[…]

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Manchester victims and their flowers

A powerful moment in time…

A powerful moment in time like those that happened in Manchester are extremely painful. 22 innocent lives, many young ones that will never experience many of the joys we take for granted as adults, have been taken, 120 people injured and thousands will carry emotional scars. Another powerful moment I find is working[…]

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Purple flowers in a lovely field for spring

The Promise Of Spring

Spring into Spring As the mornings and evenings grow lighter and the last of the winter frosts have disappeared, there is a great feeling of new beginnings. The trees are in blossom and the others have green buds. The grass is starting to grow faster than even the most avid[…]

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unexpected life

Do the unexpected!

Although my weight has always been an issue for me, I’ve at times pushed beyond it and done the unexpected things that have put me out of my comfort zone. We can let our view of ourselves stop us experiencing great things, instead putting our life on hold ‘until’ we[…]

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Authenticity and you.

Be your authentic self

Be your authentic self I’m currently working on developing my development packages, but I’ve been wrestling with the word ‘authentic’ For me authenticity is key in not only what I do, but also in the way I view other people and the services I buy. Are you your authentic self?[…]

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Reaching milestones

Reaching Milestones

Reaching Milestones September last year I hit the big 50, and like so many of my friends and clients I wasn’t sure how I felt about approaching it! Two years ago I decided that instead of limping sadly into my 50th year I would greet it with a bang! However,[…]

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Motivation to Find Wellness

Often, one of the main reasons my clients give me as to why they don’t yet have what they want in their lives is that they procrastinate – They don’t do what they think they should do in order to achieve their goals or dreams. In my experience as a[…]

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New Year Resolutions

How to keep every resolution without fail

We have all done it. We make New Year resolutions in January, maybe struggle to keep them for a few days or even a few weeks, make ourselves miserable and then lapse back into our old habits. Sure, we may keep a few of these resolutions during our life, but[…]

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Create your own manifesto with Debi Haden

Creating your own life Manifesto

As coaches, like our clients, it’s important that we never stop learning and growing. For me wellness is not just about what we eat and what we do to move our bodies, it’s our whole life experience, and as such it’s important that all aspects of wellness are in balance[…]

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